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Books Like Harry Potter For Adults. 10 magical books to read if you like harry potter. 15 books like harry potter for adults who want to recapture the magic | cool books, books, harry potter.

books like harry potter for adults
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Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone Gets Animated For

4 the wind in the willows by kenneth grahame if there was one thing missing from harry potter , it was the charm of anthropomorphic animals. A magical love story, the night circus by erin morgenstern is one of those books like harry potter that will keep readers guessing to the very end.

Books Like Harry Potter For Adults

Beginning, like many great stories, with an intriguing prophecy about its main character (“if blue ever kisses her true love, he will die”), stiefvater’s raven cycle goes on to track the intertwining relationships of blue and the eponymous “raven boys” — a quartet of wealthy private school kids whose greatest wish is to find a dead welsh king.Below, we’ve gathered the best books that combine harry potter’s genre with its immersive quality.Books like harry potter for adults 10 books like harry potter for adults that will have you saying, boredom managed april 7, 2020 by corinne sullivan.Especially when it’s adults that have the moolah with which to purchase all the harry potter relics our heart desires.

Ever since i stayed up for two days straight to devour the first four harry potter books and then waited hungrily for the release of the fifth…i knew harry potter wasn’t just for kids.Fablehaven complete book series by brandon mull.Here at we believe that the books and series in this list will also offer nice reading for those who really enjoyed the adventures.Here’s time’s take on the 10 most magical books to read if you love harry potter.

I totally understand what you mean when you say most of the recommendations about the hp series are based off the first couple of books in the series.If you love harry potter and are missing the mystique and magic of the movies, you’re probably looking for something to fill that void.If you loved harry potter this is the book you absolutely must read next.In all likelihood, whenever a muggle is searching for a book like harry potter, they really just want a read that feels like harry potter.

Ink and bone by rachel caine.Like harry potter, there is fantastical world building.Low fantasy books like harry potter for adults these books mingle muggles and wizards when magic intrudes on our own “real” world.Magic for liars by sarah gailey

Maia is the goblin son of the emperor who lives in exile, that is until his father and the other heirs to the throne are killed in an “accident”.No way children get to hog all the magic and fantastical fun.Oftentimes, when a movie or television show is made from a series of books, critics.On this page, harry potter lovers can find other fantasy books that are somehow similar to harry potter.

People often ask for books like harry potter for adults.Play the harry potter soundtrack, and go forth.Rachel caine’s ink and bone(which is the first in a series) imagines a world where the great library of alexandria.Start reading the name of the wind.

The bad news is that there are no movies like harry potter, at least not exactly.The entire series has 5 installments of books which were released from 2006 to 2010 each book a year.The first in a series abut a young wizard finding.The goblin emperor is a good entry for any adult looking to move beyond hogwarts.

The golden compass by philip pullmanThe lion, the witch and the wardrobe by c.s.The magicians by lev grossman.The magicians, the first book of a trilogy, is about quentin coldwater, a kid who attends an exclusive.

The name of the wind by patrick rothfuss.The name of the wind is about a young boy who grows to become the most famous wizard his world has ever known.The night circus by erin morgenstern.There are picks for all ages, beginning with middle grade and ending with adult.

This is a classic tale of four siblings who step through a wardrobe and into the land of narnia.This one is probably on every books like harry potter list around, but it’s for good reason.This story is one of the original fantasies with witches, talking lions, and creatures galore.Those movies are absolutely stunning in a way that’s rarely matched in mainstream cinema.

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